Why participate in fair trade of Gold Transportation?

Participating in the fair trade of gold transportation will allow you to be part of a new movement that will help gold miners to improve their lives.
With Fair trade of Gold Transportation, we are making a difference where you can earn good commissions for yourself and you can help poor gold miners by giving them better life. 

Your Commissions

A&J global offers you the possibility of earning commissions on the amount that you participate into the fair trade of gold transportation. You will receive 10% commission of your participated amount on each transport for one year. We can do 2 transports per month, which gives you the possibility to earn a lot of commissions. After one year, we will refund your initial participation. For more information, please register on our site.

financial freedom

We provide you the system in witch the money will work for you and we call it financial freedom.
This system works for you 24/7 and you get commissions all the time.
Whether you are on vacation or spending time with your family, the system always works for you and you receive commissions.

career opportunities

We provide a platform for people who want to work for themselves independently with a new marketing ideology and who want to have a good career and a secure future.

By joining the fair trade of gold transportation platform, you can work as an independent representative of A&J Global Company, wherever you are in the world.

Opportunity for job seekers

We give the best chances to people who are currently unemployed. By joining us as an independent representative you will have the opportunity to work with us and make all your dreams come true.

Become a Sponsor

We believe in the prosperity and well-being of peoples. The company A & J Global offers a sponsorship system where you can sponsor others. People who are talented and looking for a job or people who want to earn commissions or people who want to do social charity work. A&J Global has a program that allows you to sponsor all of these types of peoples and improve your future.